Baston's Commandos

Droid Ninjas

(Month 04, Day 08)
Led by Ramirez and R3PO, the riflemen and droids begin the process of transferring the Commandos’ property to Tibbanopolis to avoid any unpleasantness while the empire is inspecting Cloud City.

Deela, Zach, and Conn take the Steel Thranta to scout the planet where Baston’s Commandos were ambushed as a potential site for a new base of operations.

The remaining PCs, along with Hollis, Adao, and Lander, head for the last known location of the Tessen fleet to verify that the ships are still there and to evaluate their condition.

(Month 04, Day 10)
The Commandos arrive at the Tessen fleet and board the Tessen to inspect it. They are attacked and captured by a group of droid ninjas who were apparently smuggled onto the ships by Separatists to prevent their use by the Republic.

After some fast talking and a little web surfing, the Commandos manage to convince the droid ninjas that they are all on the same side. The droids agree to join Baston’s Commandos but ask to have their memories wiped.

The Commandos decide that the Tessen is quite shiny and decide to take it back to Bespin and use it as a their new base.

(Month 04, Day 13)
The PCs arrive at Bespin with the Tessen and the droid ninjas.

(Month 04, Day 16)
Baston’s Commandos’ equipment is relocated once again, this time from Tibbanopolis to the Tessen, which is now in deep space near Bespin.

(Month 04, Day 22)
The scouting party returns from the ambush planet. (Projected)


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