Baston's Commandos

How much bacta you think that'll hold?

(Month 04, Day 29)
Mission Completion: FiggEx Guard Duty
  • Ramirez, 6 riflemen
  • 20000c
  • 5-star
Mission Completion: FiggEx Bug Hunt
  • ninja droid leader, 6 ninja droids
  • 10000c, 1000c worth of detonite
  • 5-star

(Month 04, Day 25)
Baston’s Commandos contract with FiggEx to do a bug hunt job. The ninja droids are assigned to the mission.

Walex Blissex contacts Ludlo for assistance building a new starfighter for the rebellion.

(Month 04, Day 24)
Just as the Sith disappears, the remaining stormrtoopers launch an assault on the compound (which is now being occupied by Baston’s Commandos) using heavy weapons, speeder bikes, and an AT-ST.

The Commandos are eventually victorious, aided in no small part by Deela’s impressive display of her previously-unknown Force powers. The Commandos then load the Pride and the Steel Thranta with as much bacta as they can hold, grab Thom and Brizzik (the other two prisoners) and a few of the shiniest heavy weapons, and head for home.

Before the Commandos can make the jump to hyperspace, however, the Sith reappears in a Skipray named Prakith’s Justice and launches a half-hearted attack. When the empire’s Tartan-class cruiser joins the fight, the Sith destroys it and allows the Commandos to escape.


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