Baston's Commandos


(Month 05, Day 02)
The Commandos return to Cloud City with Targeter, and meet briefly with Sawthane.

After the meeting, Seth receives a call from the apparently not-quite-dead Shylar.

(Month 05, Day 01)
The Commandos meet their contact, Targeter, in a local bar, and schedule a more private meeting later on the Pride.

As Shylar and Deela are leaving the bar, Shylar is killed by a sniper shot to the head. There is no sign of the sniper. Deela later manages to bribe the coroner to release the body, and is picked up by Ludlo in a rented speeder.

Targeter, who turns out to be a childhood acquantance of Seth’s named Winter, declines to buy the Tessen ships but does provide some useful information about the rebellion. The Commandos agree to take Winter back to Cloud City and arrange a meeting with Sawthane for her.

(Month 04, Day 30)
The PCs and Lander take the Pride to Lutrillia to sell the remaining two ships of the Tessen fleet. Lutrilla is a dry, desert-like planet whose nomadic inhabitants live in wheeled platform cities which are constantly on the move to avoid subterranean predators.

The Commandos arrive on the Tandor platform one day before the scheduled meeting, and use the extra time to scout around.


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