Baston's Commandos

Self Defense

(Month 03, Day 27)
Baston’s Commandos are presented with a job opportunity by Sergeant Ramirez. The job involves clearing out a group of pirates from Tibbanopolis so that local prospectors can land there, and the client is a prospector family named Varik. The PCs negotiate a deal which involves an ongoing pirate-removal service on the part of Baston’s Commandos in exchange for 7.5% of the Variks’ yearly profits.

(Month 03, Day 28)
While attempting to gather information on Cloud City about the pirates, Seth is spotted by one of the pirates who attempts to flee. Seth “subdues” the pirate and “impounds” his ship. The dead, shipless pirate refuses to talk, so the PCs use Harthusa’s Pride to do some recon of the Tibbanopolis area.

(Month 04, Day 05)
The PCs use the newly upgraded Harthusa’s Pride to land undetected on the outskirts of Tibbanopolis.


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