Baston's Commandos


(Month 04, Day 23)
Seth, Shylar, Ludlo, and Rowalla head to the ambush planet to see if they can locate the missing scouting party. They discover that the missing Commandos were captured by stormtroopers and are being held at an outpost on the planet. The stormtroopers at the outpost have several speeders and an AT-ST, and there is also a Tartan-class patrol cruiser in orbit around the planet.

The rescue party manages to infiltrate the outpost and recover the scouting party, as well as two more prisoners whose YT-series freighter had come out on the wrong end of an encounter with the Tartan.

Just as the Commandos and their new recruits-to-be are about to escape, a sith shows up and sweet-talks Deela into coming with him. The sith begins to leave with Deela, but is driven away by a “lucky” shot from Vera. Meanwhile, the remaining stormtroopers prepare to mount an assault on the outpost.

(Month 04, Day 22)
The scouting party to the ambush planet is scheduled to return today, but there is no word from them.

(Month 04, Day 15)
Baston’s Commandos contracts with Figg Excavations (“FiggEx”) for a two-week guard duty job. Ramirez and the 6 riflemen are assigned.

(Month 04, Day 13)


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