Clem Baston

Larger than life founder and leader of Baston's Commandos.


A native of the Core World ecumenopolis of Humarine, Clem Baston was already a career infantry officer in the Humbarine Sector Defense forces when the Clone Wars broke out. Humbarine was the site of many battles during the war, but as the conflict wore on and Republic naval resources were stretched thin, reinforcements were siphoned away from Humbarine, leaving it an even more tempting target. Near the end of that conflict, CIS space forces finally defeated the defenders of Humbarine and took control of local space. In an hour-long orbital bombardment, the ships melted the planet’s crust, killing billions of people and wiping out all traces of human habitation.

By now a Major, Baston was furious at the betrayal of his home by what he saw as a corrupt and short-sighted Senate. He spoke to his battalion, and as one they resigned their commissions, left their post guarding Senate interests on an out of the way moon, and struck out as mercenaries, seeking missions that would give them the chance to strike back at the Separatists. When the Clone Wars ended and Palpatine declared his New Order, Baston welcomed what he saw as a chance to form a government that would do what needed to be done without the inefficient squabbling of democratic rule. As the Empire grew more bloody and brutal to its subjects, Baston gradually stopped saying anything at all about his opinions of the government. Instead he found a corner of space with little connection to the rest of the galaxy and set about making a home for himself and his troops there.

Major Baston was, in his prime, a talented ground assault tactician and a skilled leader of men. He was affectionately known as “the old man” by his subordinates, although when he died at sixty four he could reasonably have expected to live another forty years with luck. His decline was swift and, in hindsight, suspicious. For about three months before the ambush that destroyed most of his organization, he was withdrawn, fatigued, and absent-minded. He allowed long-standing contracts to expire, stopped seeking new jobs, and was uncharacteristically vague and hands-off during the engagements in which he did participate. The supposed attack on Salmakk’s base encouraged those around him, because he seemed to come out of his shell a bit. If so, it was not to last long. By all accounts, he was still on the bridge of The Memory of Humbarine when it exploded.

Clem Baston

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