Baston's Commandos

A Good Wookie Is Hard to Find

(Month 02, Day 12)
Seth, Ludlo, and Shylar procure fake identities and leave Cloud City on commercial transport, headed for Javin.

(Month 02, Day 14)
The transport is attacked by pirates. The Commandos manage to thwart the pirates’ plans, earning the gratitude of the crew and passengers but getting themselves “noticed” by the press in the process.

(Month 02, Day 15)
In the marketplace on Javin, the Commandos encounter a slaver named Harthusa with an interesting Wookie for sale.

Later that day, the Commandos sneak into the Arcology and download information about the Empire’s plans for new traffic inspection platforms. They also uncover some information regarding the attack on Baston’s Commandos, including the fact that Mnor Tuuve (BC 2nd in command) was on the empire’s payroll.

(Month 02, Day 16)
Seth, Ludlo, and Shylar run into Deela in the desert near the compound of a slaver named Harthusa. Together the Commandos mount an attack on the compound, rescue the slaves (including Zek Fortuna and Rowalla), kill Harthusa, and steal Harthusa’s very fine ship.

(Month 02, Day 19)
The Commandos and the freed slaves arrive at Cloud City on Harthusa’s Pride. Rowolla accepts an invitation to join the Commandos. Zek Fortuna offers the Commandos a job.

I Don't Think That's Gonna Fit

(Month 02, Day 19)
Zek Fortuna, one of the slaves that the Commandos recently rescued from Harthusa’s compound on Javin, contracts the Commandos to recover his wife Maj’ett from a pirate named Herack. Herack captains an interdiction-capable ship called the Taurus, which just happens to be in orbit around Bespin.

(Month 02, Day 23)
Disguised as a delivery crew, the Commandos board the Taurus and attempt to gain control of the ship. Things don’t go exactly as planned and the Commandos are forced to flee, but not before rescuing Maj’ett Fortuna and liberating Hareck’s very fine sniper rifle.

(Month 03, Day 01)
The Taurus attempts a hyperspace interdiction on the very large imperial ship on which the Commandos re-planted one of the homing devices that Herack uses to track potential targets. The Taurus is destroyed in the process, and the imperial ship is damaged.

Wampas and a V-Wing

(Month 03, Day 02)
The Commandos set out for Alderaan to retrieve Sergeant Gadrell’s personal funds.

(Month 03, Day 03)
While en route to Alderaan, the Commandos pickup a distress call from an asteroid near Hoth and decide to investigate. The distress call turns out to be a trap, staged by some misguided and moderately inept rebels led by Mnor Tuuve. Mnor was a former member of Baston’s Commandos, and turned out to be an ISB agent who set up the ambush that wiped out most of the Commandos and their ships.

Mnor flees the asteroid in a V-Wing and tries to escape to Hoth, but the Commandos manage to ground him using a trick they learned from watching Firefly. The Commandos land and finish off Mnor, along with some Wampas that try to crash the party. They disable the V-Wing’s homing beacon and hide it, intending to come back for it on the return trip.

Bar Fight
Golan Arms, Yard 19

(Month 03, Day 17)
The PCs arrive at Seth’s relatives ranch on Alderaan. Help them (Uric, Zach) fight off some rustlers.

(Month 03, Day 19)
Arrive at Kuat, receive request to plant virus in Golan Arms computer system, land on planet, get hotel room, go to seedy bar, get into bar fight, kill Lord Tremann, steal his Baudo-class starship, head for Golan Arms Yard 19.

(Month 03, Day 20)
PCs infiltrate Golan Arms Yard 19, successfully plant the virus in the computer system, and escape on the Amber Dawn with help from the mysterious benefactor.


(Month 03, Day 20)
While en route back to Bespin, the PCs pick a Baston’s Commandos-affiliated beacon signal coming from Humbarine. They land and discover an abandoned Baston’s Commandos facility with a holo-duplicate of Major Baston. After dealing with some mynocks and a large mutant of some sort, they manage to get the holo console back to the Amber Dawn.

(Month 03, Day 25)
The PCs stop at Hoth to retrieve Mnor’s V-Wing

(Month 03, Day 26)
The PCs arrive Baston’s Commandos HQ on Cloud City. [PAYDAY]

Self Defense

(Month 03, Day 27)
Baston’s Commandos are presented with a job opportunity by Sergeant Ramirez. The job involves clearing out a group of pirates from Tibbanopolis so that local prospectors can land there, and the client is a prospector family named Varik. The PCs negotiate a deal which involves an ongoing pirate-removal service on the part of Baston’s Commandos in exchange for 7.5% of the Variks’ yearly profits.

(Month 03, Day 28)
While attempting to gather information on Cloud City about the pirates, Seth is spotted by one of the pirates who attempts to flee. Seth “subdues” the pirate and “impounds” his ship. The dead, shipless pirate refuses to talk, so the PCs use Harthusa’s Pride to do some recon of the Tibbanopolis area.

(Month 04, Day 05)
The PCs use the newly upgraded Harthusa’s Pride to land undetected on the outskirts of Tibbanopolis.


(Month 04, Day 05)
blow up mother ship, run off pirates

(Month 04, Day 06)

Droid Ninjas

(Month 04, Day 08)
Led by Ramirez and R3PO, the riflemen and droids begin the process of transferring the Commandos’ property to Tibbanopolis to avoid any unpleasantness while the empire is inspecting Cloud City.

Deela, Zach, and Conn take the Steel Thranta to scout the planet where Baston’s Commandos were ambushed as a potential site for a new base of operations.

The remaining PCs, along with Hollis, Adao, and Lander, head for the last known location of the Tessen fleet to verify that the ships are still there and to evaluate their condition.

(Month 04, Day 10)
The Commandos arrive at the Tessen fleet and board the Tessen to inspect it. They are attacked and captured by a group of droid ninjas who were apparently smuggled onto the ships by Separatists to prevent their use by the Republic.

After some fast talking and a little web surfing, the Commandos manage to convince the droid ninjas that they are all on the same side. The droids agree to join Baston’s Commandos but ask to have their memories wiped.

The Commandos decide that the Tessen is quite shiny and decide to take it back to Bespin and use it as a their new base.

(Month 04, Day 13)
The PCs arrive at Bespin with the Tessen and the droid ninjas.

(Month 04, Day 16)
Baston’s Commandos’ equipment is relocated once again, this time from Tibbanopolis to the Tessen, which is now in deep space near Bespin.

(Month 04, Day 22)
The scouting party returns from the ambush planet. (Projected)


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