Baston's Commandos

History of Baston’s Commandos

Baston’s Commandos is a mercenary company founded and until recently run by Major Clem Baston. Baston’s infantry background was reflected in the company’s focus on tactical ground raids. Although the company has always had a spaceborne component, at its height including a Marauder-class Corvette, three armed troop ships, four assault shuttles, and four V-Wing starfighters, it was never really set up to fight large space battles. Before the Imperial ambush that wiped out almost all of their assets, the Commandos’ bread and butter was lightning raids on pirate bases.

Recent History

After the Imperial ambush, Baston’s Commandos is commanded by Sergeant Seth Gadrell. They are officially outlaws, wanted for crimes against the Empire.

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Baston's Commandos

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