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Month 09, Day 06
  • Baston’s Commandos arrives on Darlyn Boda to delivery the silver case. They are ambushed just before the exchange, but manage to run off the attackers.
Month 09, Day 05
  • The Verpine asteroid clears the gravity well and jumps to safety. (+50,000cr)
  • BC meets with the Verpine to discuss a delivery job.
Month 08, Day 30
  • Brona and Vina are sent to the Javin listening post to relieve Hollis.

[August 06]

Month 08, Day 28
  • PCs sneak aboard imperial ship and tamper with sensors to prevent them from noticing changes in the Verpine asteroid’s orbit.
Month 08, Day 27
  • Tessen relocates to Indellian system.

[July 09]

Month 08, Day 26
  • Jexa and the two ninja droids return from General Dodonna’s system tour. (+9,000cr)
Month 08, Day 24
  • BC returns the Sceptre of Wisdom safely to the Nothoiins. (+7,500cr)
Month 08, Day 21
  • R3P0 meets the Incom representative on Cloud City to receive the next installment of the payment for the Gunsen. (+500,000cr, +6 X-Wings)
  • Ramirez and the riflemen return from hiding General Daikanan near Hoth. (+7,500cr)
Month 08, Day 15
  • Survey team discovers Isis.
Month 08, Day 14
  • Seth, Adao, Zach, and the riflemen return from Gentes. (+28,800cr)
  • Tessen relocates to the Indellian system for the Verpine asteroid rescue job.
  • SX-I begins scouting near the Indellian star.
  • Seth, Ludlo, Shylar, Conn, Zach, and a ninja droid leave in the captured imperial shuttle to complete the survey mission.

[June 11]

Month 08, Day 13
  • HoloNet service payment from Incom. (+3,125cr)
  • Hunrik’s team returns with imperial survey shuttle. (+18,750cr)
Month 08, Day 12
  • Seth, Adao, Zach, and some riflemen leave for Bespin to grab the rogue Tibanna gas merchant.
Month 08, Day 10
  • Hunrik’s team leaves for the survey team elimination mission.
  • Two ninja droids leave with the Nothoiin Sceptre.
Month 08, Day 09
  • Baston’s Commandos takes Nexu to their offices on Could City for carbon freezing. BC officers discuss strategy for the asteroid rescue job with Sennix.

[May 28]

Month 08, Day 08
  • Ludlo, Conn, and several ninja droids travel to Nothoiin to pick up the Scepter of Wisdom. Possessed Nexu arrives and tries to steal the scepter. Deela and Shylar, who were following Nexu, arrive at the same time and assist with defeating and capturing him.

[May 14]

Month 08, Day 07
  • PCs and Conn finish recuperating from vault mission injuries.
Month 08, Day 05
  • PCs and Conn return from vault mission.
Month 08, Day 04
  • PCs and Conn head to Kazar’s Landing on Gentes to investigate some sort of vault that was recently uncovered by the empire.


Month 08, Day 01
  • Payment for Hollis at Javin listening post (+5500cr)
  • Everyone returns from gunship seizure.
Month 07, Day 29
  • Lots of BC ships and personnel leave for Gentes to assist with the gunship seizure.
Month 07, Day 23
  • Ludlo, Adao, and Thom return from Cloud City with seven new pilot-trained recruits.
Month 07, Day 22
  • BC returns from Indellian with the gunship command codes. (+50,000cr)
Month 07, Day 22
  • Seth, Deela, Shylar, Zach, Conn, Rowalla, and Shade take the Amber Dawn to Indellian to steal the command codes for the Corellian gunships.
Month 07, Day 21
  • R3P0 and two R2s meet the Incom representative on Cloud City to receive the first installment of the payment for the Gunsen. (+500,000cr, +2 X-Wings)
  • Rowalla and Hunrik’s crew return from Gerrenthum. (+12,500cr)
Month 07, Day 19
  • Seth, Deela, Shylar, and Shade go to Mexeluine to meet with a representative of Taaliska gre Haket. – Seth, Deela, Shylar, Shade, x2 Riflemen (C1), x2 Riflemen (C2)
  • The Ninja Droids assassinate Bax’du Troll on Darlyn Boda.
Month 07, Day 18
  • The ninja droids return from the Darlyn Boda recon mission. The cause of the frequent droid memory wipes turned out to be security for the top secret production of new squib weaponry (personal tractor beams). The droid mafia on Darlyn Boda also attempted to “commandeer” the ninja droids, and were reprimanded through the use of lasers to the faceplate. (+18,750cr)
Month 07, Day 17
  • Rowalla and Hunrik’s crew leave in the Flatiron for Gerrenthum to blow up the Palpatine statue.

[January 22]

Month 07, Day 16
  • The PCs complete their mission on Indellian and return to the Tessen with the Resurgent Fortune. The PCs inform the treasure hunters that the Fortune was destroyed (a lie), and BC is paid 10,000 credits for their efforts. (+10,000cr)
Month 07, Day 14
  • Jexa and two ninja droids, along with General Jan Dodonna and his entourage, leave in the Pride for a 6-week tour of the system.
    • Alliance Naval Intelligence
    • 9,000cr
  • The remaining ninja droids leave for Darlyn Boda in the Claw for a 3-week recon mission.
    • Darlyn Boda Service and Labor Droid Network
    • 18,750cr
  • Conn, Lander, and R5 begin managing a secure HoloNet service for the Incom X-Wing factories. (Only one personnel needs to be on duty at an given time, and the job only requires a small amount of time per day.)
    • Incom
    • 3,125cr / month
  • The PCs, along with Conn and Adao, leave for Indellian.
    • Lutrillian Heritage Guild
    • 18,750cr

[January 8, 2010]

Month 07, Day 13
Month 07, Day 12
  • The two Tunroths who were injured in the assassination mission complete their medbay stay.
  • Randall’s Rangers pro-slaver contract ends, with no Ugnaught deaths.
Month 06, Day 22
  • Hunrik and the Tunroths return from the assassination mission. The mission was a success (+25,000 credits), but there was a post-mission incident which resulted in 500 credits worth of weapons damage and a 20-day medbay stay for two of the Tunroths.
Month 06, Day 21
  • Randall’s Rangers, a competing mercenary outfit considerably larger than Baston’s Commandos, begins a job that involves aiding slavers on Gentes (the Ugnaught home planet?). Baston’s Commandos was aware of this job and informed the Ugnaughts on Cloud City of the impending attack. Thanks to the information, the Ugnaughts on Gentes manage to avoid the attack without direct involvement from Baston’s Commandos, and the Ugnaughts now owe BC a favor.
  • The four new riflement recruits (Brona, Vina, Anibal, Jarym) complete their training with Baston-in-a-box.
Month 06, Day 19
  • Hunrik and the four Tunroths, who we now have stats for, leave for an assassination mission. * Ludlo, Deela, Shylar, Adao, and a repair droid leave in the Pride for a pseudo-assassination mission. Their goal is to eliminate a shipjacker (Shade) who has been stealing ships from Figg Enterprises (the client, not to be mistaken with Figg Excavations). Ludlo attempts to dock undetected with Shade’s ship, with the intention of boarding, eliminating the target, and acquiring the ship undamaged. Ludlo is detected at the last minute, and a dogfight ensues. Shade exhibits considerable skill, and his ship (a highly modified light freighter) turns out to have a number of impressive upgrades. Eventually, thanks to Ludlo knowing a few maneuvers and getting in a Lucky Shot, the enemy ship is disabled and Shade – who turns out to be a Duros – is captured. Shade and his ship are taken back to the Tessen, where Shade (but not the ship) is turned over to Commander Gadrell. Luldo recommends that Shade be recruited into Baston’s Commandos; the other possible options are immediate death or being turned over to Figg Enterprises (which will probably result in immediate death). Shylar notes that recruitment of Shade will probably require a faked death (and subsequent new identity) to give the appearance of satisfying the Figg contract.
Month 06, Day 18
  • Last day of down time.
Month 06, Day 13
Month 06, Day 04
  • The PCs drop the healers without planets off on a planet (Darlyn Boda, at their request), then return to the Tessen for two weeks of down time. (down time details to be worked out before next session)

[December 11]

Month 06, Day 03
  • train incident, rescued healers

[November 13]

Month 06, Day 03
  • second day on Nothoriin
  • infiltrate goverment building; train incident; inquisitor

[October 16]

Month 06, Day 02
  • go to Nothoriin
Month 05, Day 30
  • Ramirez, Hunrik + 4 return from Bespin Motors contract
Month 05, Day 27
  • meeting with Hunrik
Month 05, Day 18
  • return from Lutrillia
Month 05, Day 16
  • PCs and Adao leave for Lutrillia
  • fix Harthusa’s Pride
Month 05, Day 15
  • fix Amber Dawn
Month 05, Day 14
  • Winter’s party returns, w/ 4 new recruits
  • ISB leaves, Shylar missing
  • BC chases ISB, fights Fantail, recovers Shylar, returns to Tessen
    • -4 proton torpedoes
  • Dawn and Pride damaged by small bomb
    • green fuzz (Lutrilla)
Month 05, Day 13
Month 05, Day 10
  • starship op party returns
Month 05, Day 09
  • ISB raids devaronions interrogates Devin Javin
Month 05, Day 08
  • Shylar gets caught
  • ninja droids plant site #3
  • Winter, Conn, and the riflemen leave for a week-long mission.
Month 05, Day 07
  • meet on Tibbanopolis
  • starship op leaves
    • Jexa, Hollis, Ramirez, Thom, Adao, Brizzik, 2 R2
      • 4 recruits – Brona, Anibal, Vina, Jarym
Month 05, Day 06
  • ISB goes after transdoshans
  • Conn plants virus
  • contact concerned citizen
Month 05, Day 05
  • planted propaganda, research and discussion
Month 05, Day 04
  • 100,000cr investment with Burrti
  • meet with Sawthane to set up pawn shop, meetings
Month 05, Day 03
  • investigate Shylar weirdness

[July 10]

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