Pawn Shop Transactions (08-13)

Sales Roll Result: (27 - 10 items sold - items with a retail of 1k or more count as two) 10 blaster pistols

  • .75 * 500cr * 10 = cr

Total gross sales income: 3,750cr 15% of gross to Sawthane as a gift: 563cr Net sales income: 3,187cr Actual Value of Parts to BC: 2,500cr (50% of retail) Profit: 687cr

Purchase Roll Result: (23 - 5 items purchased - as above for expensive items) 2 Heavy Blaster Rifles

  • .5×2,000×2 = 2,000cr

1 Proton Torpedo

  • .5×800 = 400cr

Total purchase cost: 2,400cr Net P/L for Pawn Shop for this month: 787cr (You can get rid of some of the purchased items, but you must start with the most expensive.) Actual Value of Items to BC: 4,800cr (100% of retail) Profit: 2,400cr

Net Pawn Shop profits for the month: 3,087cr

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Pawn Shop Transactions (08-13)

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